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Give someone a One Day Holiday that will last a great deal longer: Relax! One Day Holiday

Please note, for ordering a Relax! One Day Holiday Voucher you will be forwarded to the website of the resorts and the completion of the order directly takes place at the resort websites.


The Relax! One Day Holiday ranks as spa business class among spa admissions. Spend a day at the spa that feels like nothing short of a holiday. Numerous extras turn your wellness stay into an exclusive experience. Get your spa upgrade at all VAMED Vitality World resorts:

What services are included in the Relax! One Day Holiday?

  • Spa admission including sauna
  • Enjoy yourself with a Relax! One Day Holiday comfortable Relax! Check-in without waiting times
  • Make the most of a swim bag containing a bathrobe and bathing towel for you to use during your stay
  • A lounger is reserved for you at the exclusive Relax! Lounge
  • Reading, refreshments and snacks are included in the Relax! One Day Holiday
  • Relax! One Day Holiday guests receive discounts on treatments and culinary services

and much more!

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